Business oriented developer with an entrepreneurial spirit

I am a Windy City based developer currently pushing code at Designory. In my freetime I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, reading a good book, or working on fun projects. I am available for freelance work but I only take on projects that peak my interest.

A little about me

I've always had a keen interest of building things as I was growing up. This interest eventually led me into the world of web development. I had humble beginnings creating websites with different site builders but always knew there was more I could do. Around the age of 12 I started writing code for the first time and it launched me into the career I am currently in. I love building businesses from the ground up, not only through web development but I am also interested in everything else business building entails. After launching a few successful side projects I always have the itch to build more and more.

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I enjoy writing from time to time. I consolidate all of this on my Medium blog where I write about topics that range from development to general life experiences. This blog will evolve over time and I plan to dedicate more and more time to help reflect on my day to day life.
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I'm very active on Twitter

I absolutely love interacting with like-minded people on Twitter. I tend to gravitate towards other people building awesome things. You can find my day to day ramblings on my profile where I'm always ready to interact with everyone.
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