Business oriented developer with an entrepreneurial spirit

I am a Windy City based developer currently pushing code at Designory. In my freetime I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, reading a good book, or working on fun projects.


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IronMic makes it super easy to create a website for your podcast. Get started with just your podcast's RSS feed. You can also add host info, links to your social networks, and podcast platforms. Top it off and add a custom domain to truly personalize your site.


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BrandSearch is a search engine for different brands style guides. The site gives you easy access to their colors, assets, and other key information you should know. This was a weekend project that was released successfully on Product Hunt.

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A little about me

I've always had a keen interest of building things as I was growing up. This interest eventually led me into the world of web development. I had humble beginnings creating websites with different site builders but always knew there was more I could do. Around the age of 12 I started writing code for the first time and it launched me into the career I am currently in. I love building businesses from the ground up, not only through web development but I am also interested in everything else business building entails. After launching a few successful side projects I always have the itch to build more and more.

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